The Cards of Cthulhu Game

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The Cards of Cthulhu is a card game that pits you against the forces of The Great Cthulhu and other Elder Gods. You will battle Cultists, slay Minions, banish Horrors,seal the Gates, and protect our world from the enveloping insanity that threatens to consume us all!

The Cards of Cthulhu is a great game for any gamer ages 12 and older. It doesn't matter if you are a rookie investigator or a battle-hardened investigator that has devoted your life to fighting the Great Cthulhu. Each game ends with you saving the world, or dooming us all to eternal torment, in 30-45 minutes for solo games, and 60 to 90 minutes for multiplayer games.

When you play, you get to choose from 1 of 8 different Investigator character cards. Each Investigator comes with his ow her ow unique ability to give them that special edge needed to save the world. Will you be a Soldier, skilled at slaying Minions, the Psychic, who can see the future, or the Psychiatrist who's mental fortitude can resist the otherworldly assaults on his mind?

There are Minion cards, which are foot soldiers of the Elder Gods. While they are not individually powerful, when enough of them gather on a Cult Board, they are able to summon their Elder God, and that ends the game.

There are also Horrors. These are powerful creatures from beyond the stars. Each Horror will batter away at your sanity and require special efforts to defeat.

  • 168 cards
  • 10 custom metal Cthulhu coins
  • 7 custom molded Cthulhu dice
  • 4 mounted cult boards
  • player help sheet

    Players: 1-4

    Ages: 12+

    Playtime: 30-45 min

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    • Model: DV1029
    • Manufactured by: DVG

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