Legendary Encounters - An Alien Deck Building Game

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Legendary moves from battling Super Villains to battling chest-bursting, face-hugging, acid-for-blood-having Aliens!

First ever Alien Deck Building Game! Players must work both with other players to defeat the terrifying Xenomorphs using the greatest characters in the Alien Universe!

Each Core Set comes with over 500+ playable cards featuring all original art!

The game will feature some of Alien's greatest protagonists, including Ripley, Dallas, Bishop and Private Hicks, as they go to battle against some of the most terrifying creatures in the universe!

Also included will be a game mat to help to organize the play field.

  • 500+ total original art card set
  • full colour game board (mat)
  • full colour rulebook
  • card inserts for easy organization
  • customize your card organization with removable foam inserts

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    • Model: UDLEADBG
    • Manufactured by: Upper Deck

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